Low-Carb, Keto Chocolate Fudge

Low-Carb, Keto Chocolate Fudge

My husband makes this fudge for a sweet low carb / keto chocolate treat. It’s simple to make and will definitely assuage the need for a low-carb sweet. The most difficult part is waiting 4 hours for the fudge to set.

It’s hard to believe that each piece has fewer than 2 grams of carbs!

Here are the ingredients with the carb count for each item.


Ingredients (with carb counts)

2 Tablespoons butter (og)

1/2 cup heavy cream (3.5g – note, I have corrected this from 0g)

4 ounces cream cheese (4.8g)

3 drops EZ-Sweetz sugar substitute (0g)

2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder (6g)

1/8 Teaspoon salt


1) Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat.

2) Add heavy cream and cream cheese. Whisk until smooth.

3) Add Splenda; adjust for taste.

4) Heat until bubbling; stir constantly.

5) Reduce heat and stir in cocoa and salt. Blend well.

6) Pour into a small buttered dish and place into the refrigerator to set for three to four hours.

7) Cut into eight pieces. Keep refrigerated.

Makes 8 servings. Total carbs = 14.3. Carbs per serving = 1.79 grams!

Note – I’ve updated the carb count to reflect one commenter who pointed out that heavy whipping cream is 7 grams of carbs per cup. I plan to make this recipe again soon, in order to test my results since several commenters ended up with a gloppy mess. If anyone would like to post a picture, please email it to

Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. Maureen

    I made these according to the recipe and although they were pretty good, they looked nothing like the photo (mine were a beige brown.. not dark brown) and they were not that chocolatey. Do they need more cocoa? More chocolate flavor?
    Good but not great.
    Thanks for the try!

  2. LRH

    We’ve tried making this recipe twice with no success. It is nothing like the dark fudge that is pictured, but more like a (somewhat) milk chocolatly salty cheesecake taste. I’ve made no substitutions and followed the recipe exactly. Which leaves me to wonder: is the recipe incorrect? Maybe I’m misunderstanding the intended result.

  3. LHF

    LRH….The recipe did the same thing for me! I’m not saying it was bad, but the consistency was not
    what I expected. I think I would use half the amount of salt it called for. Again, wasn’t bad, it curbed
    my sweet tooth for the time being. Maybe some adjustments can be made on the next go around. 🙂

  4. Amber

    I had the same milky, cheesecake-like salty results despite omitting the salt entirely and using unsalted butter. Was not at all as it’s represented in the photo and post; unlike the other two who commented before me, nobody would eat them after the first bite. Very disappointing.

  5. Simba

    Like the other comments above, tried this as we needed a sweet fix whilst on a low-carb diet.
    Result was a gloopy mess of inedible “stuff”. Nice idea, but I’m resigned to not getting my sweet tooth satisfied.

  6. Lauren

    Followed directions exactly, turned in to a gloppy mess as well, tried boiling it down, even worse. Don’t even bother with this recipe.


    This recipe is an easy fix..melt butter, cream cheese, cocoa, and sweetener. Once combined, and cooled a bit, add heavy whipping cream and whip away..put in pan and throw in the freezer!

  8. Cindy

    This recipe makes a nice spread, but a fudge it is not. I don’t know how much salt others put in but mine wasn’t salty.

  9. Charity

    I wished I read the comments first. What a failure and waste of money! I wish the admin would answer to this if she made a mistake in her recipe.

  10. Tara

    Fudge must be boiled while stirred constantly for 4 minutes. Maybe that’s where the problem lies. I will try this and let everyone know the outcome.

  11. Terra

    This recipe is just like cream cheese clouds. An easy fix, don’t cook it. Combine softened cream cheese with heavy whipping cream, stir in the butter and cocoa, sweeten to taste. Freeze or refrigerate.

  12. sheldon

    4 ounces cream cheese is not 4.8g but actually 115g (half the usual cream cheese tub). Mine came out exactly like the picture…wish I could post a pic

  13. Pddavis13

    Like others, mine turned out like a salty cheesecake filling. As for the commenter who said 4 ounces is not 4.8 grams, those are the carb counts not the weight. I carefully measured and followed the recipe, still a mess.

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  15. Sonja

    Heavy whipping cream is NOT carb free!! It has 7g carbs per 1 cup. Nutrition fact regulations allow 0g for anything that is less than 0.5g per serving. Heavy cream is 0.4g carbs per tablespoon, which is usually the serving size – thus the 0g per serving listed. Redo your math please.

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  18. Christina

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I followed the recipe and the fudge turned out wonderfully! Very small batch, perfect for 1-2 people over the course of a week. Will probably double next time if making for more. The substance is, of course, gooey straight out of the pan but once chilled is fudge! I can’t wait to try different flavor combos as well (chocolate chips, nuts, peanut butter swirls, etc.)

  19. Dorothy

    YUK! I should have read the reviews before making this. The picture got my attention but this recipe is awful. The ingredients are not right. So, instead of throwing this away I am doctoring it up to make it edible.

  20. Charles

    For the person that states Heavy Cream has 7g carbs per cup, it depends on the brand of cream and is not universal. Most of the cheaper (store brand) heavy creams is actually 16g per cup.

  21. Danielle

    I followed the instructions roughly apart from I hadn’t got any unsalted butter so I used ghee (not much difference, ghee is just clarified butter). I melted the ghee, added a dash of liquid sweetner, added half a carton of cream cheese and the cream, waited for it to bubble slightly. As soon as it bubbled slightly I took off the heat and added the cocoa powder. It did not look a dark enough colour so I added around 5 times the suggested amount of cocoa powder, it combined nicely, set in fridge and was perfect. It is also worth noting that I am in the UK. I used Aldi soft cheese (doesn’t have the gums and additives of Philadelphia, it is just cheese only and sometimes when you open it you have to pour off the whey a little as it is 100% natural) and also my cream was double cream which is 50% fat. If posters are getting a slurry after it is chilled then there is not enough saturated fat to make it firm. You need full fat natural soft cheese, full fat butter or ghee or coconut oil and natural heavy cream with no additives.
    I also used it as the topping of a cheesecake (to put a thin choc fudge layer on top of the low carb cheese cake made with mascarpone and gelatin – not the eggs version). Worked great and the normals had no idea and kept coming back for more. Peace out.

  22. Breanne

    Darn, wish I read the comments first… Mine came out absolutely disgusting. It did harden like a fudge but it tastes terrible!

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  24. rcmayne

    I was very much looking forward to this! however, I too wish I had read the comments first:) following the direction, but not putting in heavy cream until after still did not work.. mine also is not anything like what its supposed to be. in fact, its not near sweet, its actually bitter.. so it is not edible.. I may attempt this again, but with my own twist:)
    If the auther has any “updates” that would be great!

  25. Mollyann Hesser

    As I started to read comments, I became a little concerned, but forged onward (The cream, butter and cream cheese ate already in the pan). With that said, I added the cocoa powder and brought everything to a boil. Not exactly carrying for the color, i addded another tablespoon of cocoa powder. I added my sweetener and adjusted for taste and added the salt at the very end.
    What I had in the pan was a bubbly thick mixture that looked, and tasted, like a thick pudding. As I poured it into the pan, it was already beginning to set up.
    It’s in the fridge, but I’m sure it will be fudge when it cools down completely.

  26. Emily

    I recently tried this recipe, and was concerned at first about all the commenters saying theirs didn’t turn out correctly. But, alas, I tried it anyway, and was very impressed by the final masterpiece.

    I followed the directions exact, besides adding about two extra tablespoons of cocoa powder, a very small extra splash of heavy whipping cream, and I used a stevia-based sweetener. I let it sit over night and had some this morning. I might not add as much cocoa next time, taking it down to ONE extra table spoon. But, still, it was very good and satisfied me sweet tooth! 🙂

  27. Laura

    Okay, I didn’t see the comments until after I was making these. I did add extra cocoa and more like a pinch of salt. Refrigerated overnight and they aren’t gooey mush like other comments state but they aren’t like fudge nor do they taste like it. Its like a sturdy cheesecake and doesn’t taste too bad. I mean we will eat it but I’m going to keep looking for a recipe we love. Also, the butter, possibly from greasing the pan, solidified on top in spots. I have pics but I don’t see a way to attach them. Thanks for the recipe, we will keep working on it.

  28. Christina

    Seriously why would you use a misleading picture which is NOT result of this recipe? GOD I wish I read the comments first. You’re either a liar or very dumb if you can’t convey a recipe. All these people wasted time and money like I did. You’re awful.

  29. Sheila

    Thank u for this recipe. It really satisfied my sweet tooth. I made by using the tip of allowing to cool before adding hwc and then I threw the tray in the freezer. Worked very well and now I have somewhat of an ice cream treat

  30. Amelia

    Cristina, how terrible of YOU. This blog post was from 2013. This person might not even be consistently blogging anymore. The author of this blog owes you NOTHING.

  31. Holly

    I’m amazed at the lack of tact in the world! For fudge’s sake, you all are rude! “YUK!” “…absolutely disgusting…” “what a waste…” Good Lord. Grow up and learn some manners!

    I, for one, have just made the recipe and it looks exactly like the picture in color. Of course it’s gloppy so far, but that’s because it’s still HOT! The spoonful that I snitched from the pan tasted great; can’t wait for it to set up.

    Seriously, people, did your mother not teach you to simply say “I don’t care for it?” Hope you all don’t have kids!

  32. Elizabeth

    Well, the best I can say about this recipe is that it taught me a lesson to always read the reviews first. With about 80% of them being negative, believe me there is a reason. This was so bad I literally ran to my sink to spit it out and then proceeded to gag until I could rinse my mouth with enough water to get the horrible taste out of it. I would’t even begin to know where it went terribly wrong but it was a chocolaty, salty nasty tasting mess. I followed the recipe EXACTLY as written. Even went back and double checked to make sure it wasn’t an error on my measuring. Thank you for taking the time to post, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

  33. mikki

    i think some folks had a problem because the instructions say to add splenda to taste but it isn’t listed in the ingredients….and some people just didn’t read. i added extra cocoa as my eyes told me it wasn’t dark enough for my liking and i tasted it to tell me if it needed more of something….
    no reason to be hateful to the author who provided the recipe for F R E E…

    also the numbers in parentheses next to the ingredients aren’t their metric measurements…it’s carb count

  34. Vivian

    Second attempt to leave a comment. I salvaged my ingredients as I was half way through mixing the recipe when I realized something was strange that the author had commented about a glob! I switched to the following recipe, which does not call for the “heavy cream” I had already poured into my mixture. (It appears to be fine even with the heavy cream) Here is the link if anyone wants to try it. I have made it several times. I was looking for it when I ran across this recipe.

  35. #45

    I can’t believe the crying from all the snowflakes in the comments. Thank you OP/Admin for the FREE recipe and your time to post here. Reading and following simple instructions is extremely difficult for many people.

  36. Marissa

    While I would like to thank the author for taking the time to post a FREE recipe. Sorry, being free doesn’t automatically make it good. I would also like to thank the reviewers who took the time to post their opinion. Let’s not take a review personal by name calling or inferring someone is not very intelligent and can’t follow “simple instructions” just because their opinion may vary from yours. They took the time to post that opinion, show some respect and keep your opinion of their character or intelligence to yourself and stick with posting how this recipe worked out for you.

  37. Sherry

    Mine tuned out beautifully, I poured 1 tbl spoon each of the batter into mini foil lined cup cake papers and put into the freezer for 2 hours to set so they are bite size treats when the chocolate cravings hit , I doubled the recipe and added 1/2 cup Splenda and chopped mixed nuts to the recipe

  38. Anna

    Coming from Europe, I’m not familiar with ‘ounces’ an ‘cups’. So I tried to figure out everything in grams and used 30 g butter, 120 g heavy cream, 120 g cream cheese, 15 g cocoa powder and sugar free sweetener. I ignored the salt, put everything together and melted it while stirring. It took 2 minutes. I put half in the fridge and half in the freezer. Both turned out great. Thank your for this wonderful recipe. It’s a nice alternative to the classic ‘keto fat boms’.

  39. Jessi

    I just made this and substituted 1oz of dark bakers chocolate for the cocoa powder as I don’t much like the taste of cocoa powder. I also used liquid stevia and sweetened to my taste preference. Turned out great.

  40. Laura

    I am a complete idiot in the kitchen and this recipe turned out great for me! I used half and half because I didn’t have heavy whipping cream. Plus I added one extra tablespoon of cocoa powder. I also used dark cocoa powder so those of you so upset by the color should use that instead. Its definitely more of a cheesecake consistency but it tastes great! I don’t understand why so many people are saying it’s salty. I’ve made this many times and I’m glad I didn’t read these comments first otherwise I might not have made it!

  41. Ruby

    Who gives a toss if this recipe is free! It’s completely crap & misleading waste of time & ingredients. Tasted like dog sh*t

  42. Tammy

    Texture, came out great. Taste wasn’t as good but then again if I expected it to taste like the real thing with all unsweetened and sugar substitutes, that would be my fault. I already have few ideas of ingredients to add to give it better taste still keeping it low carb. Thanks for the idea.

  43. MarDee

    This was awesome! I altered the sugar and salt and cocoa to my taste and I stirred over very low heat for a very long time but I thought the end result was fabulous!!

  44. Rach

    WOW, did you even MAKE this recipe? That is also not the picture of the product for this recipe, it is from a Vegan website and the ingredients are completely different…. just wow. How can you make a recipe vlog and NOT test it first and post a picture of your actual product. I am really disappointed that someone would do something like this.. that is pretty low.

  45. Eileen

    Not sure why so many people had problems with this. I more or less followed the directions, adjusting the cocoa and sweetener to taste and adding peanut butter. Keep mixing mixing mixing…it eventually all combines.

  46. Westgal

    I am from Ireland and followed the recipe pretty much as written with a few personal tweaks-turned out great! Tasted like cake frosting and was set perfectly. I used full fat Philly and double cream, didn’t bring it to the boil, just heated it til bubbles started to form as stated in the recipe, and it was set within an hour in the fridge. Adjusted the amount of cocoa to suit my taste, added stevia and a drop of vanilla.

    I’d like to also add that it’s shocking how rude people are in the comments; if you didn’t like it or it didn’t turn out the way you expected, that’s unfortunate, but have some manners and tact in your comments. The negative comments are so overwhelmingly venemous – it’s a free recipe for keto fudge, for crying out loud! No reason to leave comments that border on offensive. Grow up and get over it

  47. sp4rkl3z

    I’m surprised to see all of the negative comments. I have not had this set up yet, but I just made some and licked the spatula clean. The only modification I made was to add 3 packets of granulated sweetener and a splash of vanilla. I also threw it all in my blender when the cacao wasn’t mixing in well and it came out the same dark color as the picture. I don’t know what people expect, it’s not going to taste like Mackinaw Island candy fudge. But for me it works!

  48. MG

    Obviously this is super late, but just in case someone sees it…I had the same problem as everyone else. They turned out super sticky…more like a cheesecake filling than fudge. In addition to the texture, the butter also was separating from the rest of the batter and it tasted really bitter. For my second try, I added 1 tbsp of cacao instead of 2. I also read the comments and saw one that said to boil it for 4 minutes while stirring to get the fudge texture. I tried that but it was still goopy and the butter was still separating so I added another tbsp of whipping cream and used my whisk beater in the mixer to beat the mixture until it was a little thicker. It turned out much, much better.

  49. PJenny

    There’s no reason to boil or even heat these ingredients. Traditional fudge is heated so that the sugar reaches a certain temperature, chemical reaction, and texture–too low, and it will be too soft; too high and it will be hard or crumbly. Since there is no sugar in this recipe, heating is unnecessary.

    Also, cream cheese can “break” and separate when over-beaten or over-heated; it becomes watery and will not fully re-solidify even when chilled. (A similar reaction happens if egg whites or heavy cream are over-beaten.) I would guess this happened to those who ended up with “goop”; since some people succeeded, I would guess some cream cheese (as someone else pointed out) was of a different quality and/or had different/no additives.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible to get a fudgy texture without sugar. If anyone really wants to try this recipe, maybe make only 1/4 in case it doesn’t come out great; then you won’t have wasted a lot of ingredients. And don’t boil!Just soften or warm the butter and cream cheese slightly so they mix more easily.

  50. L

    I just wanted to point out that not all heavy whipping cream brands have the same amount of carbs. Land O Lakes has 0.

  51. Denise

    A lot of very rude comments here. I just made this, it is in the fridge. It looks pretty good to me. If it’s not, oh well, I’ll tweak it and make it better. Good cooks know how to do that! Just sayin….. 😊😂

  52. stacey lee

    Not sure why everyone says this recipe is bad! I loved it! Will be making this regularly! What sugar substitute are you using?? I use swerve. This is the best Keto bomb recipe!

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