Keto snacks, desserts, and comfort foods

Dieting isn’t easy. Changing years of lifestyle choices and preferences takes time. Even though the keto diet provides lots of delicious menu options, it takes some getting used to.

Like most people, I grew up with carbs as a mainstay of my diet. The ratio of carbs to protein was the exact opposite of the keto plan. As I started eating keto, I found I sometimes felt deprived. It made no logical sense, because I was sated after every meal. The problem was emotional. In my family, as in many others, food was often used as a reward.

Tough day at school? Have some cookies and milk.

Frustrated by a difficult day at work? Mashed potatoes are comforting.

Had a tough week? Let’s go to the Mexican restaurant.

On most diets, you’d give up sweets, potatoes, and tacos. On keto, because of the diligence of many emotional carb-craving individuals, you can find lots and lots of substitutes to trick yourself into thinking you’re actually eating that comfort food or spicy treat.

Here’s a list of healthy snacks.

Here are some “cheat” ideas for comfort foods:

There are lots of yummy desserts that use fake sweeteners and heavy cream – all legal on keto. See some here:

Keto chocolate fudge

Keto chocolate mousse


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